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In this section we hope to be able to share highlights and mile markers that come up in songwriting, live concerts, recording, and even a little bit about life once in a while.  We'd love to hear from you and especially some of your experiences at our live concerts as well!

8-8-18 @ Grounded Specialty Coffee 

The debut of the... BANJITAR (and four new songs)!

It's not uncommon when launching a new endeavor to do what's called a "soft launch".  It's akin to the idea of a family and friends night where you can show your potential and hide your first time mistakes in the grace of those who *hopefully love you the most.  Such is the case of how we set up our first concerts.  Our debut night was at the home of Chris and Jodi Flach who host house concerts here locally.  It was a perfect night in mid-June and we had JUST enough music to make a concert out of it. It gave us a chance to try out what we had cobbled together, how it translated live, and what seemed to resonate with people more and less that it did with us.  We then went back to writing, arranging, and rehearsing and that's what led us to our first open to public concert on this night in the heart of La Crosse at Grounded Specialty Coffee.

One of the first big changes was a new instrument being welcomed into the arsenal, the Banjitar.  It's a 6-string banjo that can be played like guitar, or in whatever tuning you might like.  I use a little of a lot of tunings and this instrument was a revelation of muse for writing and for dialing in our "sound" and tone that we're going for.  We're definitely noticing the turn towards the Americana side of songwriting and storytelling.  By turning over some of the already written songs to that instrument, it gave us a chance to get a feel for how to write new songs with it too and it's brought out some of our favorite songs in a short period of time. 

Which is another reason why this concert will be a memorable one for us.  We debuted four brand new LnC original songs, (Good Morning/Good Night, A Moment, Great Out of Good, I'm Talking to You), as well as another song that I had written prior and that we rearranged for the banjitar (Free Fallin'/Fall Away).  The good part about being a new group and playing new faces is that every song is new to everyone, so we can work in as much new material as we want what with no pressure to "play the favorites".  Don't get me wrong... that'll be a nice problem to have if we are ever burdened with it, but for now we enjoy the freedom to experiment.  AND THE RESPONSE WAS GREAT!  

There were some great moments of connection with some of our new songs!  "I'm Talking to You", "A Moment" and our cover of "From this Valley" were probably the most well received on this evening.  Other songs were a marked improvement over the previous versions.  We couldn't have been more pleased.  

We've got a few weeks before our next concert.  We play on using the time to get our studio set up and ready to record (this October!!!), to hone and tweak what we've got, and maybe to find inspiration for another song or 4!  

We'll post the songs that we played below, and if you were at the concert leave a comment on what some of your favorite moments might've been!  



Good Morning/Good Night

300 Miles

It'll All Be Okay

From this Valley

Great Out of Good

A Moment

The Evidence

I'm Talking to You

First Try->Beautiful

Stay With Me

Withered Tree



Free Fallin/Fall Away

Ran Away

A Moment

Great Out of Good

From this Valley

How Have You Loved Me

I'm Talking To You

Good Morning/Good Night

Don't Fade Away


We are JUST starting to schedule live concerts and we would love to come to where you are and do what we do.  Hope to see you live in 2018!